Your Wedding - 5 top tips for the perfect day

Music plus a liberal sprinkling of food, laughter, love and happiness!

1. A lovely ceremony

As your friends and family nervously find their seats some piano or guitar helps everyone relax and quietly chat. Your musician can time your grand entrance just right (here comes the?!), play your favourite song as the register is being signed and happy music as you depart. A musician here brings a magical, relaxing quality to the proceedings.

2. A cool drinks reception

Some ‘toe tapping’ jazz. Fun, light background music helps everyone mingle and chat

3. A happy wedding Breakfast

Here a live musician really does make all the difference. If the conversation lulls at your table, you all have the ‘music’ in common.

...The atmosphere is warm and convivial and [I have witnessed this hundreds of times] ...Aunty Mary (there’s no stopping her!) gets up for a dance between the main and the sweet ...a couple of tables are having a bit of a singing competition ...your party is starting to take on its own life. (testimonial to this on my weddings page)

4. Are you nervous about your 1st Dance?

Please talk to me about this. Its a wonderful, traditional moment and signals the start of your night party. Lights down/music up and the friendly musician (who you all got to know during the meal) is inviting by name, your parents, best man, bridesmaids, family and friends to join you on the dance floor.

The scene is set for a great...

5. Rockin’ night party

A good professional musician/band with energy and talent will set your party alight. Someone with experience of playing for weddings and parties will know how to choose the songs and keep the party alive. A disco in between for requests.

Finally - a great send off so all your family and friends can say farewell and wish you love and happiness.

...Everyone goes home tired (drunk!) and happy. What a day, what wonderful memories.


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